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Supervisory Board

(as at June 2022)

Matthias Wierlacher, Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Chairman of the Executive Board of Thüringer Aufbaubank

Stefan Schaumburg, Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board*
Head of the Functional Department and Secretary of the Management Board of the IG Metall Union, Frankfurt

Evert Dudok
Executive Vice President Connected Intelligence at Airbus, Munich

Elke Eckstein
Professional Supervisory Board member and independent management consultant

André Hillner*
Production Engineering Expert, Jena

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Ursula Keller
Professor at the federal technical university of Zurich („ETH Zurich“), department physics, Uitikon, Switzerland

Dörthe Knips*
Chairwoman of the Works Council of the Advanced Photonic Solutions Division Jena and Mühlhausen and Chairwoman of the Groups Works Council of the JENOPTIK AG, Jena, Germany

Alexander Münkwitz*
Chairman of the Works Council of JENOPTIK AG, Jena, Germany

Doreen Nowotne
Independent management consultant, Hamburg, Germany

Thomas Spitzenpfeil
Managing director / CFO at Schenck Process Holding GmbH, Ludwigsburg,Germany

Christina Süßenbach*
Director Operations Polymer Optics, Auma-Weidetal, Germany

Franziska Wolf*
Second Representative of the IG Metall branch Jena-Saalfeld, Jena, Germany

* employee representative