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Where innovation meets the power of light

Innovation is key to us as the world is constantly changing. Change is driven by technological advance, which in turn is driven by mega trends.
Photonics play a part in so many areas: digital, manufacturing, healthcare, automotive, space exploration. We help solve highly complex photonic problems for clients within these fields.

We constantly seek to find what can be done better with light. Innovation is our wellspring, and R&D is key to this, both with our own product pipeline as well as in joint developments with our customers.

Successful innovations secure the long-term future of our clients’ and our own business. Our Strategy 2022, "More Innovation" highlights sustainability, to grow our customers’ businesses and increase the Group's innovative leadership and prowess.

Innovation means taking responsibility. We are enablers, helping our customers to take the lead and, perhaps more importantly, to become more sustainable. We can only achieve our economic goals and profitable growth in the long term by behaving responsibly towards society and the environment.

With our accumulated know-how and emerging innovations, we are in the business of offering solutions to both current and future challenges faced by our customers and society.

Saying is one thing; doing is quite another. We aim to increase our investment in research and development, including customer-related projects, to strengthen our market position in the field of photonics.

For us, the basis for innovative strength is to create and nurture a free space for curiosity and new ideas in areas like laser material processing and the high-speed transmission of data.

With our innovations we enable a better world with the power of light.

Dr. Stefan Traeger, Chief Executive Officer
CEO Dr. Stefan Traeger

What constitutes innovation?

Innovation in companies begins with a future-oriented design of products and processes. An innovative company is expected to be able to adapt as quickly as possible to changes in market conditions or to be already one step ahead of the latest trends and innovations. The great advantage of this is that it creates a head start and can secure competitive advantages. Innovation in companies is optimally introduced into all areas, starting with the product itself, through corporate management and culture, to the way of working. Innovation can be started and implemented anywhere, it is only necessary to have the necessary ideas and the will to realise them. In order to achieve this, a company must provide a creative environment so that employees and partners are given the necessary space and the right atmosphere to develop ideas and are motivated to contribute creatively to the company. In the right environment, the so-called creative workspace, creative thinking is stimulated and, with the help of the environment, "other thoughts" are generated. This is how innovation can be implemented in companies in the best possible way and as quickly as possible. With the help of such methods as creative workspace, it is possible to bring forth and promote innovation in all areas of a company.

What means innovation management?

Innovation management is made up of the two terms "innovation" and "management". Innovation stands for creating something new or renewing something that brings a benefit to the company and society. In organisations, management is the term used to describe the bodies that take over the direction, coordination, steering and control of tasks and activities. Accordingly, innovation management involves the promotion of innovations in organisations and includes tasks of planning, organising and controlling innovative activities.

These are the tasks of innovation management

Innovation management takes all necessary measures to favour research and development in all areas of the company. The aim of innovation management is to establish new products or services on the markets or to improve existing products. Equally important is innovation in the company's internal processes in order to achieve as much efficiency and effectiveness as possible. Process optimisation is a keyword for innovation management. It is also a task of innovation management to develop new business models and structures in order to be able to use new sources of income. Thus, the focus is on the one hand on the design of the necessary framework conditions to allow innovations to emerge in the company and on the other hand on the company's own active search for ideas and innovations of innovation management.