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Jenoptik as an enabler

At product level, Jenoptik acts as an "enabler" and, as a sustainability partner to our customers, plays a decisive role in the transformation towards CO2 neutrality. With our expertise and product offerings, we are able to enable our customers to act more efficiently and sustainably and contribute to greater resource conservation and climate protection – in line with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • Our biophotonics products enhance the health and well-being of society:

    Jenoptik lasers are used in ophthalmology to treat glaucoma. Optical systems improve imaging and diagnostics for real-time disease detection.

  • Our optical systems for semiconductor equipment and for information and data transmission enable our customers to implement processes for efficient and time-saving production, contributing to resource conservation.

  • TraffiPole – environmentally friendly and sustainable traffic monitoring solution:

    Special design reduces power consumption and removes the need for cooling. Can operate autonomously with batteries or solar panels. Housings made from fully recyclable materials.

  • Jenoptik traffic safety technology

    increases safety on roads and public places and creates resilient infrastructures and more sustainable cities by reducing accidents, pollution, and noise pollution.

  • Green cameras help improve air quality

    Jenoptik's average speed cameras are common across the UK at sites with a high number of serious collisions. Cleaner air zones in Wales will see reduced speed, better traffic flow and less emissions.